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by Hytera

Hytera PD402i Business DMR Portable Two-way Radio

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Business Digital Radio. Simple Robust Clear-Voice

Robust and reliable, the PD402 digital radio provides a simple communication solution, ideal for use in manufacturing, facilities management, or education.

 Radio Details



Radio Features
• Size 4.4" x 2.12" x 1.1"
• Weight 9.17oz (1500mAh battery)
• Dual mode (Analog and Digital)
• 48 channels and 3 zones
• 64 contacts in digital mode
• 12.5/25kHz selectable channel spacing
• Battery life: Digital mode,16 hours with 5-5-90 duty cycle
• Digital voice call function
• Pre-programmable text message encode (64 characters)
• Scanning (analog or digital channel)
• One touch call/text message
• MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards
• IP55 Compliant
• RRS (Radio Register Service)
• Scramble
• Emergency Alarm
• Radio Check (decode)
• Alert Call (decode)
• Basic Encryption (license required)
• Pseudo Trunk
• Roaming in multi-site repeater system
• Radio Enable/Disable (decode) (license required)
• Remote Monitor (decode) (license required)
• 3 Year Standard Warranty (Radios only, not Accessories)